Outline and History

Outline of Center

The purpose of the Geospace Research Center (GRC) is to coordinate and promote joint research projects on dynamical processes in geospace, including energy flow and transformation of the solar-terrestrial system. The Center consists of a Management Section, a Research Projects Section, four Observatories, and two Stations.


The Geospace Research Center conducts regular and special projects to study elementary processes and cross-regional coupling in geospace. It does this by integrating three approaches: observations, data analysis, and theory/simulation.


June, 1990
The Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory (STEL) was established.
April, 1995
The Center for Joint Observations and Data Processing was organized.
October, 1997
The Rikubetsu Observational Facility was organized.
April, 2003
The Rikubetsu Observatory was organized.
April, 2004
The National University Corporation Nagoya University was launched.
The Geospace Research Center was established.