Cooperative Research by Using Computers

Cooperative Research Subjects and Researchers

Adapted Subjects 2014

Cooperative Researchers Cooperative Research Subjects
Haruichi Washimi University of Alabama Computer analyses for the heliospheric structure
Tomohiko Watanabe Graduate School of Science,Nagoya University Magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling model for growth of auroral arcs
Ryo Yamazaki College of Science and Engineering, Aoyama Gakuin University Study of collisionless shocks with shock-rest-frame simulation codes
Takayuki Umeda STEL, Nagoya University Study of Geospace environment via Vlasov simulations
Takashi Tanaka Kyushu University Next generation M-I coupling simulation
Keiichiro Fukazawa Research Institute for Information Technology, Kyushu University Optimazation of MHD code to varisous CPU architecture toward exa-flops computer
Hiroyuki Shinagawa Applied Electromagnetic Research Institute, NICT Development of magnetosphere-ionosphere-thermosphere-atmosphere coupled model
Tatsuki Ogino STEL, Nagoya University Computer Simulation on Interaction of Solar Wind and Magnetosphere-Ionosphere
Shinobu Machida STEL, Nagoya University Global Plasma Instabilities and Associated Particle Accelerations in the Magnetosphere
Iku Shinohara Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency A Study on the Structure of the Magnetotail Reconnection Site along the Cross-Tail Current
Keiji Hayashi HEPL, Stanford University MHD simulation of heliosphere with optimized empirical functions
Yuto Katoh Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University Simulation study of relativistic electron acceleration by whistler-mode chorus emissions in the Earth's inner magnetosphere
Kanya Kusano STEL, Nagoya University Space Weather Modeling with Data-driven Interlocked Simulations
Tatsuhiro Yokoyama Applied Electromagnetic Research Institute, NICT Coupling processes between neutral atmosphere and ionosphere in mid- and low-latitude regions
Keizo Fujimoto Division of Theoretical Astronomy, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Study on dynamical behavior of magnetic reconnection by means of multi-scale kinetic simulations
Daikou Shiota STEL, Nagoya University Development of data-assimilation interlocked solar corona simulator
Mieko Toida Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University Particle acceleration by a magnetosonic shock wave and associated instabilities
Shinji Saito Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University Nonlinear development of kinetic scale turbulence in the solar wind
Satoshi Inoue School of Space Research, Kyung Hee University MHD Simulation on the Dynamics of Flux Tube in the Solar Corona
Koji Kondo Research Center for Space and Cosmic Evolution, Ehime University
Computer Simulations of Geomagnetospheric Substorm
Naoki Terada Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University Development of high-order semi-discrete central schemes